Summer Reading

Now is also the time for summer reading, which is a lot of pressure once people realize summer reading is all books! Books that cost money! Books that sometimes are on sale but cost money, nonetheless! They are also, I think, lighter reading than normal, which in a country obsessed with YA even for the… Continue reading Summer Reading


Yesterday, at the Stop and Shop, I saw a worker with his mask off talking 2 feet from a customer, who proceeded to take her mask off to take a drink of whatever beverage she had with her. Of course, she was using a straw because despite her twenty-plus years on the planet, her mouth… Continue reading Unmasked

I Just Spent $910,000 on the Original Lyric Sheet for “Hey Jude.”

Na… na na NA na na na! Remember when parents didn’t want their kids idolizing four guys in jackets and ties? In between all of the terrible news about the coronavirus pandemic, you might have heard that Paul McCartney’s lyric sheet for Hey Jude was bought at auction for $910,000. That was me. I bought… Continue reading I Just Spent $910,000 on the Original Lyric Sheet for “Hey Jude.”