Little Revelations III

When speaking, to end a sentence or a thought with the word “so” is to give up on yourself or your audience, so…

Changing things in the present is hard; changing things about the past is dangerous.

I wish people would stop supporting Amazon, so I wouldn’t feel so guilty for all of the money I give them.

It should be against the (internet) law to have a sexy thumbnail in an ad and then not have that same pic on the page when you click on it.

The “buck moon” is not a thing, so I don’t want to hear about it ever again.

To err is human; to find an editor who can make your writing better is divine.

If I’ve learned anything from classic literature, it’s that there is nothing wrong with you that tea or whiskey can’t fix.

The ability to pivot away from something that is not enjoyable to something else is an often unappreciated and very great life skill. This is especially true when that something is a someone.