Distractionism II

In these days of distraction, attention has become a mantra to many (almost a commodity, which sort of defeats the purpose), and it’s certainly something I need to work on.

Here’s the ongoing list of things that take me away from what I should really be focused on:

I need to rewatch that video of Barack Obama singing “Amazing Grace.”

What is the name of the book that introduced the Hannibal Lector character? And what is the author’s name?

What does Morgan Chesky look like without a mask on—oh, and without a shirt. That works.

How much would a quality treadmill cost? Would I actually use it?

How many movies did Cheech and Chong make? Are any of them as funny as I remember?

Do other people on Reddit who use Microsoft To-do also suffer from syncing problems?

Why am I not following Killer Mike on Twitter?—@KillerMike.