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bad apples [bad ˈapəls]


  1. A sociological argument that the harms done by a few police officers should not tarnish the profession as a whole.
  2. A sociological argument that the harms done by a few protestors should tarnish the movement as a whole.

community [kə’myoOnədē]


  1. A group of people with shared values or interests, especially within the same geographic location.
  2. People who look like me.

curfew [ˈkərˌfyoO]

The time at which the street lights go on and the tear gas comes out.

downtown [dounˈtoun]

The central location of a large population area. See also “Ground zero.”

gaslighting [gaslīt-ing]

This is not a thing. You’re just making it up.

ham sandwich [ham ˈsanˌ(d)wiCH]

noun, slang
The rare police officer who is ever charged with a crime.

justice [ˈjəstəs]


  1. Equity or fairness with regard to basic human rights and dignity.
  2. Whatever the law lets me get away with.

pandemic [panˈdemik]


  1. A global epidemic.
  2. The American criminal justice system.

protect [prəˈtekt]

verb, used with object

  1. To defend or secure oneself against a brutal and oppressive police state.
  2. To defend or secure property, reputations, and electoral prospects.

protest [ˈprōˌtest]

A gathering of white people often with weapons for some real or imagined political or cultural grievance.

race [rās]


  1. A social construct and fundamental fact of American society. See also “Original sin.”
    verb, used with/out object
  2. To make a car go quickly.

riot [ˈrīət]

A gathering of people of color for any purpose.

rubber bullets [ˈrəbər ‘boOləts]

Small but dangerous projectiles used by men with small penises and without moral sense or self-control.

serve [sərv]

verb, with object

  1. To be confined in a prison after a criminal conviction. See also “Mandatory minimums.”
  2. To have guaranteed employment regardless of conduct. See also “Qualified immunity.”

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