Summer Reading

Now is also the time for summer reading, which is a lot of pressure once people realize summer reading is all books! Books that cost money! Books that sometimes are on sale but cost money, nonetheless!

They are also, I think, lighter reading than normal, which in a country obsessed with YA even for the As, means they take it even further down the K-12 continuum. Is rereading the Potter serious too intense for you? Might I interest you in a bear named Paddington, which goes well when matched with a nice chardonnay. I’ve taken Karl Marx to the beach. It was not an enjoyable read, Germans rarely are, but it was summer and I was reading.

I don’t mean to lift my leg on your marketing campaign, but I’ll read whatever 19th century treatise on capitalism that I damn well want. And after I realize it gives me a headache, I will unapologetically reach for that Asimov book, which happens to, just by coincidence be on your summer suggestions.